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Air Circuit Breakers

We are Supplier & Distributor of Air Circuit Breakers & Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers. Our product range also comprises of A Line Contactors, MCCB.

 The SACE Emax family of air circuit-breakers consists of six sizes: X1, E1, E2, E3, E4, E6 up to 6300A.Click on the arrow to see the movie:List of movies:
 - n° 1: Emax X1 Electrical Accessories
 - n° 2: Emax X1 Fixed Part
 - n° 3: Emax X1 Mechanical Accessories 1
 - n° 4: Emax X1 Mechanical Accessories 2
 - n° 5: Emax X1 Trip Unit 1
 - n° 6: Emax X1 Trip Unit 2
You can also download the movies via the link in the Download Section (to the right)

All the SACE Emax circuit-breakers have the same height and depth both in the fixed and withdrawable version and allow construction of compact switchgear.
Maximum safety is ensured in many different ways, such as racking-out with the door closed, degree of protection towards the outside up to IP54, various different safety locks and double insulation.
The innovative pole structure guarantees complete insulation between phases, and between the phases and neutral, while ensuring full possibility of inspection of the arcing chamber and the main contacts 


Item Code: ABB-EMAX


The following standard accessories are supplied depending on the circuit breaker version:

Fixed circuit breaker Withdrawable circuit breaker
Flange for switchgear compartment door (IP30) Flange for switchgear compartment door
Support for service releases Support for service releases
Four auxiliary contacts for electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closed (for automatic circuit breakers only) Four auxiliary contacts for electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closed (for automatic circuit breakers only)
Terminal box for connecting outgoing auxiliaries
Sliding contacts for connecting outgoing auxiliaries
Mechanical signalling of overcurrent release tripped Mechanical signalling of overcurrent release tripped
Horizontal rear terminals Horizontal rear terminals
Anti-insertion lock for circuit-breakers with different rated currents
Racking-out crank handle
Lifting plate Lifting plate

There are many accessories can be supplied on request, 
viz. Shunt Opening, Shunt Closing, Spring Charging Motor, Closing Spring, ETC.... 
Other Information
  • Delivery Time: 8 weeks
  • Packaging Details: standard packing from ABB

Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers

The new Emax air circuit-breakers are the result of ABB Sace’s constant commitment to look for new solutions, and of the know-how it has developed over the years. This is an incredibly innovative high quality circuit-breakers range, designed to satisfy all application requirements. The innovation of the new Emax is really outstanding from all points of view, completely re-engineered releases fitted with latest generation electronics, improved performances with the same dimensions and new applications to fulfil the latest market needs. The new electronics open a window on a world of extraordinary solutions, with connectivity options never before seen in the market. Discover the great advantages of ABB Sace’s new Emax. The evolution has been going on since 1955.

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